Monday, April 13, 2009


Life would be tolerable but for its amusements...


14 Critics:

not that impressive dude. the concept is just ok


yaar not all things are gold... but i personally like this one coz it has a special feel in it !!

fankzzz *hugzzz* muft main hi :p !!

I really like it *confused* :$

@adlolz... ok i like this perspective ;) !!

@momalfankzz... and confused about what ??

Undoubtedly I like the image for the special essence it has in it:) The way it reflects the brighter and darker sides is great..
But how did you link amusements with tolerance?:)

thanks alot ... and welcome to my blog...

do one thing repeat the line in ur head twice... u'll get my point :) !!

The comments above my comment... they've considered your work not very good and I don't find it so... So, I got confused *puppy dog face* :D :D

lolz... aww thats sweet of you :) !!

waisey am getting really good response for it on flickr :D !!

See... it's good... that's why it's getting a good response :P