Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Little Angel

My little angel
With your bright little smile
And your soft little voice
You make me feel like I could run a mile

My little angel
I wonder, do you know
How sweet you seem to me
As pure as clean snow

My little angel
This may not sound new
But in my heart I need you to know
I'll protect you

So, my little angel
Please smile in that special way you do
And hold my hand as we go our ways
Because, my little angel eyes, I love you.


15 Critics:

succchh a cute pic. whos she?

Aww, such a cutie! MashaAllah! Who is she?

She's so cute...those eyes, beautiful!!
And the poetry woven for this angel was awesome!!!...
Keep writing..let she grow up and get to read it once, what was written for her!!

She looks sweet mashallah, :) and the poem is nicely written.

than you :) she is my cousin....

mashallah she is :)

hai naa!! Detail mai explain keroun :p ?? Well she is my cousin :)

yeah i love her eyes... i just love the kid :) and i must tell you am not much good with kids :$ i usually stay away from them.... but she's an exception ;)

Thank you :)

Thanks dude ;)

cutipie MashaAllah MashaAllah

Cuty ... Masha Allah ... give her love from me too :)

sure... and heyyy mayray hisay ka pyar kahan gaya :$

ubaid .. u only need phenty :P