Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mubarik

Eid Mubarik
May all of you have the best Eid ever


10 Critics:

Beautiful picture, :).
And eid mubarik to you toO!

Kahir Mubarik!
where is my eidi Ubaidullah :P

WOW ... !
I luvvv it ! (:
luv the caligraphy .. the subdued colours ... all the motives ...the embossed print .. The image of the masjid ! Mashallah .. Lovely !
NOT bad for the 1st time ! (;
Well done !

khair mubarik dude :)


@mysterious gal:
khair mubarik...

nice to see you here :)

aap barhi ho... is liye aap do naah!!

hahaha thanks...

and no it wasn't my first time :p

i make such things alot :D