Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let me drive

Have you ever wanted to drive, to get behind the wheel and press the pedal to the floor? Damning the fortitude held by the metal accelerator's strength against your unrelenting foot? Rolling down the windows, your stereo as loud as audibly possible; anything to suffocate that fucking voice in your head. Pinch a cigarette tightly between hard-pressed lips, covering clenched jaws, the flick of the lighter and the glow of the tobacco catching fire somehow soothing. Have you ever taken a drag, the smoke suffocating the ball in your throat, making it fall back inside of you? The cool evening air whipping past with increasing velocity as you hurtle forward, attempting to strip the evening's oppressive breath from your neck.... I know most of you know how it feels... so let me drive... drive as far as i could go, coz it does give you releif...

And oh yeah while you are driving just listen to this track Hide and seek (Tiesto in search of sunrise)


14 Critics:

This is one of your best posts i've read !!!! :) And yessss i've wanted to drive and get behind the wheel, and i actually have drived and got behind the wheel :P, only for a couple of minutes tho, and i loved it, :). Cant wait to be 17, so i can start driving legally :(.
Anyways and yh i agree driving does give you relief.. you smoke ? "Pinch a cigarette"..

Yep. I've felt it all! Except for that cigarette thingy =D

Been there, done that, and cant get enough of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaadi moar kay, ayaa maay Gaadi moar kaay ......


Yeah dude, been there too...!
Well, instead of me being smokey, my hubby fulfills that desire too..(passive smoking!)
I love that feel behind the wheel..!
Amazing..Go on, drive on..:)

No i don't smoke... but well i am a writer naah, i can definitly write stuff :p

and well pakistan aa jao yahan license key baghair you can drive ;)

cigarette... is not good for health... never try it :)

gaddiii khaday vich naa maar daina :p

all i need now is a little time ;)

awsome shot ........
feels like i am behind the wheel

yeh do know how it feels....


thanks for liking the shot :)

yes i will :) and i did :)