Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kisses and Raindrops

You are a friend,
someone I hold dear,

When the burning sun riseth in the morning,
when the moon doth wane in the horizon.

Though the wind may blow at my back,
and the rain drip down my face,
you are the sunshine all around me,
and always in my thoughts

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10 Critics:

Sweet one for a dear friend..
Inspired me to add a tune about friends to my blog..check it out!!
Short and thoughtful..:)
Keep writing..!

haeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dil pighal gaya

That link you have made between kisses and rain drops is a very fascinating one, and i love the way you have personified the weather and connected it to love. Hmm interesting stuff bro, not forgeting the picture ofcourse. Brilliant :).

mein tu pic pe he fida hogai
did u actually create it?

and i am goingto use it as my MSN dp :P

thank you all :)

use ker lay yaar :)