Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sukhi Siyaahi (Day 24 of 30)

I'm sitting here in a complete silence
With a small piece of paper
And an old black pen
While it rains...

Slowly the water seeping,
into me,
my paper,
my memories,
my pen mixing with ink,
my thoughts which were calling me to write...

Everything washed away...

Bus ab ek kalam hai
aur ek kaghaz
Na umeed hai
Na hasrat koi
Bus sukhi siyaahi

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


11 Critics:

So, you wrote this actually while it rained? With black ink?
goodie =)

I captured it while it rained

and yes I wrote it when it rained too per the rains were different and so were the pen :)

bleak but beautiful =)


Thank you very much :)

hahah possible nahi :p

Thank you for liking it :)

y not;)
well dn loose hope;)
that paper will dry up;)
n pen still has ink:)