Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lahore School of Photography Society

Made for the photography society at my university
check out their blog


7 Critics:

Well, the colors of the posters is quite dull! And not eye catching. Also, There is no shade under the photos. The photos are not in the frame and getting out of the frame of the poster which is not a good thing. 3rd is the font, I see you stroke the font with 3px (or so) black line.

Anyways, I love the one-liner that says "our pictures says a million words"

but The "REGISTER NOW AT H4" is not getting an attention and the color and the font is mixing with the background and other titles.

Cause' in designing you don't see from your point but You see from the other's point of view.

PLUS, I like the logo of the camera, so simple and unique. but again You could have done more typography on the Lahore School of Ecopnomics(spelling mistake I guess) Photography Society.

Designers mostly hate the font "COMIC SANS". ;)

Hi Ubaid Bhai
I also want to get register with this course. Could you please let me know about the details. Fee, class schedule>

Welcome to my blog

and I agree to everything you said :)

per it was just a five minutes poster which is right now placed on the wall of LSE and its huge, so anyways am getting quite good response from it, but the points you mentioned would be taken care in future

p.s. I suck at typography :p

Nomi this is only for the students of Lahore School of Economics

photography ki spelling to theek likh le tey!

i meant society aur ecoNOMICS ki spelling!

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