Friday, September 10, 2010

Chaand Raat (Day 30 of 30)

Finally the Ramadan came to an end, and so does my whole series
This was the last picture of the project and well it started with a moon ended with some bangles and mehndi... Celebrating the joy of eid but something is missing this time. The color I guess, not because I love darkness but because there has been so many bad things happening all around us the disasters and deaths are so many that the joy of eid can not cater the masses which have been effected

So a prayer for everyone that may everything becomes fine for everybody

And Chaan Raat Mubarak to everyone


5 Critics:

chudiyannnnnn!!!! =D

eid mubaruk!

Heheh, ameen :)

eid mubarak to you as well :)