Friday, September 17, 2010


Here I sit in this empty room
Curtains drawn, darkness around
silence prevailing
thinking of all I love and all I hate.
Looking at you again and again.

Oh Painkiller!!
Kill the pain
Dull the senses
Strip the nerves

Bare the soul
Dumb down what was strong
Decaying Fortitude
and relentless without restraint

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


15 Critics:

I need these right now to cure my headache. :P

On a serious note, that was one good poem! *thumbs up*

LOL picture ko bhi note ker liya kero saray hi poem per atak jatay ho :p

waisey thank you

and you need to follow this blog too :p

I need to follow that blog too. :P

And I DO NOTE THE PICTURES! :O I loveee the pictures so it'll get all stereotyped if I give the same sort of comments on every pic. Ubeee, I love photography. I can't do it but at least I can look at it. :D

LOL, toh karo naa follow :p

heheh, crticizing comments kiya kero naa, so I could improve

and photography is my ultimate passion :)

Acha so, umm critique ya hai background ko slightly aur faded hona tha plus, I need to see which brand of painkillers these are 'cause they look cool :P Heheh!

Will follow ;)

I can see that and you know what? I think it's just great to have something you absolutely love to do.

LOL, these are imported ones :p

and well background, hmmm I didn;t fade it more so I could keep the reflection vibrant

yup, I love to do many things waisey :p

painkillers disturb me =/

by the way, you in LSE? my friend got in there just this yearrrr. okay, im being random. tata =)

They disturb many people :)

poem z superb;)
kinda depressing...!!
i hate pain killers!n pain too;)

painkillers aren't any good, trust me =|
please don't get addicted to them!

Nice poem, btw.. but why so bleak??

Thank you, lol this is a photo blog people :p

depressing, hmmm that it is...

pain is good, pain killers ADDICTING

Aww don't worry, I don't get addicted to weak things... and yup they are not good at all!!

Bleak is love ;)

So deep but so real..creatively captured photographs..

Happy blogging:)

Take care

I like this
I think I need a painkiller..