Thursday, June 17, 2010

I fade away

 A thought, a dream
My name, a word
Just another line

No one would notice
As everything I feel fades away

Confused, yet smiling
Falling, yet surviving
Distorted, yet thumping
Fading so slowly...

With the rising sun
A new day would start
as I fade away.....

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


8 Critics:

not really.. but something which doesn't suit you.

ps. A 'new' day won't start in someone's life if u fade away. stop being such a pessimist! :@

@ UB
get bak to the real U (my twin soul)

Hehehe I thought I was an episome of pessimism

and well I am so in love with the thing which I wrote :d

HA! Kaisaaaay?? Am disconnected with my twin soul... connection phir sey chalu kero!

think of something good. :P

it is really good, BUT don't love it forever!

LOL I won't... I change a lot...