Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caged birds (Revisited)

How high will i have to fly,
Before i can no longer see you,

You are so far away
It may get easier if i turn my eyes away
But I want to always keep gazing at you from somewhere
Because there is no way i can forget you...

I can do nothing,
But I look up at the sky,
Just like a caged bird...

I wander about aimlessly,
looking for a window
I want to see you right now because i love you,
I miss you...

Although i want to run away because i am afraid of being hurt AGAIN,
But even if my wings get caught by things that do not wish me to be near you,
I will still look for you,
because you are the one i care for,
Even to the point of tears,

How high will i have to fly
Before i can not feel the way i feel right now...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


8 Critics:

Ubaid. I really like this. =)

Picture light hearted, but words aren't hai na?

@ UB!
if u have wings to take me away frm u ... then i wud cut them away..

I know I'll not fly away... But what about your SUCH wings?

itz nt abt the wings its abt the strings wid which am still tied to u

I hope they are of good quality....