Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cigarette Ashes

Clock, ticking down the moments
Time a delayed bomb
Cigarette my timer
Time a reoccuring dream

Abandonded Minds
Spoiled Lives
Hard Road
Empty Feelings
Smashed Souls
Ashes fall

Smoking lingering on the red-hot ash
Mingling with my mind
The sweet scent of tobacco
My secret timer

Watching the ashes fall
Or maybe it was my world.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


8 Critics:

LOL, gussa kyun ker rahi ho? pinches.
how and why do you guys love the smoke???

lovely blog.....collection of pictures is awesome...they speak more than your words do...

First and foremost welcome to my blog...

Secondly I don't know why guys smoke, my friends do... I just saw them smoking and took this picture and the only thought which was buzzing in my head I jolted it down...

Thank you, Beyond The Canvas is suppose to be more about the pictures rather then the words :)

smoking thrills, but kills. *puts shades on*

Ashes to Ashes.. Dust to Dust.. I liked it!!

Have you ever tried smoking? ;)

Welcome to my blog and thank you for liking this :)