Monday, February 28, 2011

Light it up

Why don't you just light it up and forget the rest ?


32 Critics:

but pls don't you dare ever try

Mai bara aur bura houn, I don't want you to be the same...

Ek do saal hi baray hogay mujh se... and im not exactly a good girl waisay bhi...

am 21

how can you say that?

Im gonna be 19 next month... I've done wrong things in life...

so have I

but doing wrong things doesn't make a person bad...

so isn't smoking a wrong thing too... how come that makes you bad if other wrong things don't?

Gender discrimination, a girl if smokes isn't considered good in a society

society sucks...
lol i"m allergic to smoke waisay =P
Can't even passive smoke without coughing my head off =P

hahahah phir toh poora discussion hi khatam ho gaya :P

waisey kabhi try karna ho toh mehfil jama lain gain defense mai ;) :P

lol mayri university kay pass parta hai

and coz mayra ghar world kay doosray konay mai hai is liye us ka zikr nahi kiya :P

World ka doosra kona? I thought we lived in the same city =P

we do, but lol mayra apna ghar is opposite to UCL which is on raiwind road so world ka doosra kona hua naa :P

and I drive 1.5 hours daily from my place to LSE lol so defense achi jagah lagi mujey :P

1.5 hours?? Crap.
Yeah defence achi jagah hai =P

hahaha see after listening to my dard bhari kahani you agree to me :)

Hain? When did I agree? =S =P
I just said defence is a good place =P

umm... pata nai mujhay! bas hai =P


which area do you belong to? :P

tabhi defense ki itni sidaaainnn :p

LOL thank God tum nay LGS ko support nahi kiya during this convo :P

lol cuz im not from lgs =P