Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Route - Where I am

This path i choose
This route is where I am
We all are so lost
No destination to be seen
The only things to be seen
Crawling every inch
Building up my own way
Burning my soul throughout the way
I think i have to stay
Stay at a place i know
Peaceful and so clean
The paradise in my soul
My dreamt reality
The one i want to be
This hash reality
The sinner I'll always be
I think i'll take this doubtful route
And it'll remain the path i choose

Original Photo: Sara Siddique


2 Critics:

its like some cold man lost in his own self had been on this path.. no beginning and no destination.. can't make out whats hidden behind those petrified eyes..

How can you say that man is cold? Maybe he has so much feelings deep inside which he shows but to selective ones....

There was a begining and there was a destination... but as he walks on the path that begining turned into an experience... destination split into routes.... all he has to do is walk/crawl/run or just simply die!

Petrified eyes.... hide the reactions of his actions which he can see coming towards him!