Monday, January 11, 2010

No Smoking

The orange-red ember glows in the black night it glows brighter every second because we have bad lives and we don't know how to cope so we smoke but the thing we forget is even the 'flowers wither with this burning piece of disaster' so NO SMOKING please....

I like smoking.... I like the bitter tang on my tongue, I like the searing down and up on my throat, I like the dramatic mock coughing from strangers, I like the cold winter winds on my parched lips, I like sneaking out at midnight, I like brushing my teeth and changing my shirts to hide the scent, I like the negative advertising campaigns, I like the searching and questioning looks at CVS, I like the pull as it leaves my mouth, and I like the burn.

I like smoking as it's far more better then crying.... this is coming from a person who doesn't smoke...

I have to say life is like a cigarette...Sweet in the beginning malignant at the end or you may call it bitter...But that's not all... On one end of a cigarette; A flame... The other... An Idiot... But i guess we are all idots aren't we? Millions of people smoke... So there must be flames... Flames adjacent to us... And they're getting closer to us.. Burning isn't pleasant... But it's the end.... EVEN THE FLOWERS WITHER AS A CIGERRETE BURNS... Seriously possessive, that's the smoke that licks our cheek, seeping down our collar to the flesh below... It has its claws in us somewhere, deep in our mind... Possessive. That's the smoke... Caress with a silky taint; that kiss of death, Possessive, that's the smoke. So no smoking please... as its not only affect the smoker but the surrounding as well....


4 Critics:

Powerful description yar.
but you know for me the pain caused by smoking is a replica of pains that I've felt in real life. I enjoy it because I can control its pace and burn, all for some weird dejavu kinda feeling.
strange huh? :)

naah not strange.... deep :)