Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barbed Wire

Standing behind the barbed wire,
I think,
That how it fixes everything.
A wall to keep people out,
only the ones allowed can get through.

Sharp and entwining is the barbed wire.
bleeding and bruised,
piercing the skin,
the ones who are allowed
reach to us.

People make brick walls around them,
While I keep everyone out using a barbed wire,
So don't try to climb this sharp wall,
Because if you'd get pass it,
all you'll find is a broken soul...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


7 Critics:

Climbing that wall is pretty challenging, but by using a barbed wire you are making it easier for others to spot that broken soul. The first requires effort, the latter, a lil pain.

Every problem is a character-building opportunity, and the more difficult it is, the greater the potential for building spiritual muscle and moral fiber.

what is the guy behind the wire doing :O double facepalm?

Effort, people somehow manage to do... I want to see how many are willing to take the pain just for me...

I agree

conceptual photography :P

hmmm....very intriguing....