Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Blind Side

We stand alone, in the void.
Darkness consumes the souls of those who have lost.
Everything to gain nothing in this lost cause.
Yet the only thing remains is;
"The Blind Side"


13 Critics:

souls consumed become light... which when goes off becomes dark nt blind.. sight still remains..

why the silent smile?

Thanks... and welcome to my blog :)

somehow, i don't have anything to reply to this... Yes sight still remain but what about the concept of the blind side?

its realtive.. sometimes even the light can b blinding..

too much light is always blinding! Maybe too much brightness is not meant for human beings either!

you know what at times some people choose to be blinded by the light, as they know it'll hurt them!

ya too much lite isnt meant for humans neither is too dark we belong to the intermediate spectrum..
ya they do choose lite.. u no y?? coz they r afraid of the dark..

I ain't afraid of dark, yet at times i am afraid of light... does that make any sense?

Intermediate spectrum is very hard to find these days!

afraid of light?? naa doesnt make any sense unless u r a vampire.. =)
naaa it isnt taht hard..

These days vampires aren't afraid of light either :p

Waisey yes its possible to be afraid of happiness (light) as darkness always follow the light and at the right moment takes over!

for some people who don't seek such, it is hard for them!