Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shalamar Garden

Try to imagine Shalamar garden as it was during Mughal times: a magnificent royal stopping-place in the eastern suburbs of Lahore. In those days travelers would approach the garden on foot or on horseback. Even if one were in Lahore, it took many hours to get there. During that time, the traveler would realize how closely Shalamar garden was related to the Ravi River. The garden stood virtually alone upon the riverbank. Its three broad terraces stepped majestically down to the floodplain. A broad canal led from the river to the garden, feeding hundreds of fountains, pools, and lushly irrigated plantings. The surrounding landscape seemed flat, dry, and scrubby in comparison.

I wish it would have been still the same


8 Critics:

nice one dude :) love the antique look it has :)

nice one ubaid turned out really good
love the way u have done it

Thank you :)
I personaly love it... by the way this is a picture of a painting, so only think i did was captured it in a way :)

yeah its that picture which i took when i was with you people!